Unagented submissions are only accepted through Submittable. Submissions sent via email, or any other means, will not be considered.

Please read the guidelines! Any submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will be declined, unread. 

Forest Avenue Press is open for unagented novel submissions by U.S. based authors. We prioritize work about and by historically marginalized voices, including BIPOC, queer, neurodivergent, and/or disabled authors. 

Forest Avenue publishes literary fiction on a joyride! We are open to contemporary fiction, genre-blending tales, historical fiction, magical realism and language-driven fantasy. We’re not the right place for novels that include depictions of violence and sexual assault. We only work with U.S.-based authors because of our decade of building relationships with independent bookstores and regional trade organizations. 

Our reading committee consists of a diverse group of woman- and non-binary-identifying individuals. They are especially interested in seeing work driven by hope, not despair, and not darkness. Take a look at our catalog, it really does give you a good sense of our aesthetic!

Agents are also welcome to submit their authors' manuscripts at this time. Our titles are supported by an in-house publicist and distributed to the trade by Publishers Group West.


Submissions that do not meet the below requirements will be rejected without being read. 

* We are ONLY considering adult literary novels. No short story collections, memoir, essay collections, Y/A, children's literature or poetry. 

* Stand-alone novels only—we can’t consider books that are part of a series. 

* No previously published novels, including self-published. It’s okay if excerpts have been published by literary journals. 

* We can only consider submissions from authors who reside in the U.S.

* Please put your query letter (including a plot description) in the "Cover Letter" box on our submission form, and upload your full manuscript. ONLY submit here, through Submittable. Queries made by e-mail, social media, or other means will not be considered. 

* If you self identify as BIPOC, queer, neurodivergent, and/or disabled and feel comfortable sharing this information, please include it in your cover letter and we will prioritize your manuscript. 

* Please let us know the word count of your manuscript. We prefer novels in the 50,000--90,000 word range. 

* Submit your most polished manuscript! Early drafts and incomplete manuscripts will not be considered. 

* Make sure your manuscript is properly formatted: double spaced with at least 1 inch margins, an easily readable 12-point font (nothing fancy, please!), and page numbers. 

* Only ONE submission per author for the entire submission period.

* We do not consider or tolerate stories or language that is racist, homo- or transphobic, ableist, fat phobic, or misogynistic.